Poetry By Chuck



It moves with the determination of ages,
the sight of sages and the song of eternity.
It gathers itself without a trace...
except in the pages of our lives
and nowhere in all that time...
does it care for you, or I

Unconcerned with our ages,
Unnoticed are our sages,
and with perfect silence,
it ages all of us.


Our certain end will arrive.
All clock ticking aside.
As certain as the sunrise,
our life will end.

All will end.

Except time.

when all matter ceases to exist.
when all form no longer binds.
When the timeless ends in voided dreams.
There will still be endless time.


No time to believe nor time to conceive,
no time to perceive.

It exists only in our minds, or does it.

What causes the watch to tick.
Is it the spring or the action of it.
What causes the spring to unwind.
Is it the coiled power or simply the mind.


Time passes without notice.  
Despite our daily reminders.
Watches, clocks and calenders.
Heart beats and tears.

How do we know its measurement?
Is it the minute we have designed?
Is the hour only a figment,
just a creation of our mind.


Author notes

I wonder if Time is the aging that our mirrors suggest?  Or, would we "age" without time?    Is that possible?  Is age, time?   Hmmm...  maybe, but if it is ...then where does it end?  How can age be time, when you age you end, but time does not end.   So, we show the effect of our aging, but time...I think time is different then aging.  I think we exist within Time, but time doesn't know or care.   I think time is unfeeling, unknowing, non-reasoning, and certainly unintelligent.   I think it may be a "thing" or a "existance" or maybe a "condition."  But, what do you think?
Written July 27th, 2004


  • JM Kenyon
    February 22, 2006
    Wow, Chuck, you have taken the idea of Time and created something Timeless. This write is one that would fit into the pages of OldPoetry  It's fluid and the wording is percise...like clockwork and the bits of rhyme like the stoke of an hour as well. Your thoughts are highly appriciated in this contest and I can tell that you have given Time some deep thought, as have I.

    This is excellent writing my friend, some of the very best I have read. Very well done and best wishes always... ~genie~

  • wishintreeUK
    May 23, 2005

    Very Interesting write

    A very interesting poem on time Chuck, when we think of it, time is a comodity that is priceless! our children crave our time, some seem to think that a short period of time with our children is fine as long as it is what is called quality time, yet to a child, time spent with them shows them we love and care that they are with us as long as possible during the day. We all say from time to time, I could do with 48 hours in a day, yet I truly believe if we had that luxury, we would still find ourselves short of time.
    Time is something we can think deeply about and still be wondering about it in years to come.

    Thank you for this poem.


  • CountryCousin
    May 23, 2005 

    Very well done.

    I disagree you are indeed a fine poet and this poem reminds me of the the John Anderson's song Time Marches On. So well done and you captured the essence of what you wanted to say about time outlasting everything.

  • surerbad
    July 30, 2004
    You are so very correct in your thinking. Time never stands still for anyone. There are so many different difinitions for time. Who we are is how we look at time and how wisely we use it. It slips by so fast. Before we know it is gone and a change has taken place. What is time you ask? In my opinion time is what we make it to be. In hours, days, months, years. Whatever works. When god wants something to happen at the exact moment. Very indept poem. It has a message if people will look and think about it. Life slips away to fast and most of the time we take it for granted as well as TIME
  • Red Dwarf
    July 30, 2004
    what does time look like? Why thats easy, Look at the difference of the tall sraight and supple youth then look at the old man from his stoop shoulders to the crows feet at the cornor of his eyes to the depth of experience in his eyes! this is "Time" in a very personal and up close look. I really enjoyed the premise, it was very original!

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  • SagiTiger86
    July 30, 2004
    very nice. i especially liked the line "the sight of sages and songs of eternity," very good word play. c'est tres bon!

  • Touchof1der
    July 30, 2004
    Time...it's the one thing you can never replace once have you spent it. You can make more money, but you can't make more time. There is nothing of greater value that you can give another than to give them your time because it's irreplaceable. I have heard it said that if you want to know what is most important to an individual, observe them. Watch what they spend the majority of their time doing and saying...only then you will know what is most important to them. What a very thought provoking piece you have tossed out here for us to decipher Mr. Johnson!
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  • Chuck Johnson
    July 29, 2004
    Interesting question isn't it. Time! Time! Ah! What in the heck is that? Can't use any of your senses. Can't use our imaginations... try this.. tell me what time looks like with your imagination? Can't do it? Probably because it may not be real at all. Or, its real but unimaginable.
  • withopenarms
    July 29, 2004
    it didnt quite keep me laughing but its got me thinking. most people fear time but if its a figmant of our imagination y shud we be. ~tazmin~
  • flipping4a10
    July 27, 2004
    I really liked this poem. It was not only deep, but really made me think. I have never thought of time this way. And the clock ticking, time passing-sometimes I hear my watch ticking and think, woah this is time just going away. And yet when you think about it, time never ends. I also liked how throughout the poem you would put "Time" Very good job.

  • Chuck Johnson
    July 27, 2004
    Significance? Hardly. We extend significance..not time. If no one is around to appreciate it...does that mean it does not exist? Before the creation of the Universe...no matter the theory you believe, time existed. Or did it? Is time ...God? Is time a creation of God? How do we know without blind faith... our teachings our experiments ... none tell the tale of Time. So in this poem of mine I attempted to defind that which defys all defination... time.

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  • Prysmatyk
    July 27, 2004
    This poem is almost timeless in its' beauty. Very nicely written and well thought out. Your message about how it slips away right under our noses but yet is held in such high regard is quite extrodinary and so elloquently expressed.
    I assuredly will return to read more!
  • JM Kenyon
    July 27, 2004
    A truly thought provoking write. Time indeed has relevance, but on what plane should be consider it? Some moments, those sweet enjoyable ones are fleeting; gone in flash. Then there are the moments that are agonizing; those that seem to take forever.

    When all is gone will time still exist? Can it exist without erroding things? Changing things? If naught remains but time, will time really have significance anymore?

    Thanks much for writing this, I love it when a poem can make me think more deeply than day to day life and consider futuristic philosophy.

    A great write and best of wihses... ~genielassie~

  • Chuck Johnson
    July 27, 2004
    I'm not much of a poet, my grammer sucks... but once in awhile I get a good topic! lol. Ty

  • wishintreeUK
    July 27, 2004

    Good Poem

    This poem gives one something to think about Chuck... time!! we all at some time or another say "I wish there were more hours in the day" mostly for the reason we wish to pack as much into it as is humanly possible... time as they say; waits for no man... one thing for sure, we can depend on the sun to rise and for it to set, because we know without fail that it will do so, the seasons are set in a time span ... time; seems to have its unique purpose for the earth and for man himself, we can try to change many things, however, we cannot change the earth's cycle, it is set in motion and will continue serving its purpose, its seasons as time passes no matter what. This is a good poem Chuck, one I enjoyed reading because of its subject matter.. well done! ~Katie~ 
  • Rambler
    July 27, 2004
    I thought the subject was certainly a good one with plenty of poetic potential. You expressed some good thoughts but I felt I was staggering from one speculation to the next, which finally expired in a question. "Unnoticed is our sages" felt awkward. You say when matter ceases to exist time will continue. Einstein would certainly disagree, time and space being intimately related. I know you weren't writing a physics tract but it's good to utilize what is known when touching on such a mysterious area as time.

  • Rose Patrick
    July 27, 2004
    wow this was truly awsome. i love it. and it how poer behind it that it for sure. I love every word of this poem . i think that there is no way that you could have made this poem any better than you have here. this was truly excellent writing that is for sure. i thank you so much for sharing it

  • Atalanta Born
    July 27, 2004
    i liked this poem a lot, it reminded me of one of my own that I had written. Time is such a hard concept to understand and it's not something that people tend to appreciate. I found one grammar error though, where it says, "Unnoticed is our sages," it should be are instead of is... because it's plural. Great job!



The clock of life is wound but once
And no man has the power
To tell just when the hands will stop
At late or early hour.
Now is the only time you own.
Live, love, toil with a will.
Place no faith in time.
For the clock may soon be still.