Poetry By Chuck



I've chased the sunset flamingo
across the fruited plains
and ridden the black lightning
of Peter Fonda Fame

I've inhaled the exhausts
of ten thousand unmuted flames
and rode the twisties
with a beautiful untamed dame

We traveled the back roads
and parted the dust of ages
then we dusted our faded leathers
with mileage endured together.

Now the exhaust is cold
the rubber worn and cracked
the shiny side is no longer up
and she will never be back.



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 wishintreeUK on Jan 30, 7:33  
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Verdict: Great Poem


I would hazard a guess that you have ridden many, many miles on such a beautiful machine Chuck. I remember when my brother had his first Honda 250, the first time he went out on it, he followed the family on a daytrip to the seaside, I well remember keep looking out the back window, seeing him on his new, shiney machine... I could tell he was enjoying the ride, his face was a picture. The years have gone by since then, he no longer has a bike, he has a four plus four instead, but I still remember that day.

Thank you for sharing your poem with us, I truly enjoyed it.



Pretty In Punk on Feb 03, 12:20 
Baby, you make my heart beat faster! 230 critiques, 56 poems.


This was an amazing poem about the love of somene and their ride!  I think.. you see I don't know a lot about bikes etc. Anyway I loved it, it was so beautiful and the flow was perfect. Well done to you, you have a great talent!  x  


 Mark Rickerby on Feb 03, 12:27  
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A sad ending, but what great memories! Sounds like you've really lived, my friend. The road is still there, and there are still plenty of dames hoping for adventure. I hope you change the cracked tires, polish up the shiny side, and hit the road again soon. I'm sure you know as well as I do - life doesn't fold up. We do. Memory can be a pasture or a prison.

Great work on this. Loved it.



No Modern Jezebel on Feb 03, 12:53  
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WOW, Beautiful. this gives me a whole new outlook on Bikers. I can se that Bikers have passion for what they do. many people might disagree, but I believe there are people of passion in all forms. I loved how you used the metaphor as a gorgeous pink bird for the sunset... Exquisite!

At my church we have a motorcycle ministry, I think it's asome!!

J'e Vous Aime,

P.S. keep In Touch!  


 RequiemForTragedy on Feb 03, 1:09 p.m. 
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wow that is pretty touching poetry for such a topic, great job. Im very impressed. I like the basic flow you have in it, and the words arent complex which in this case is really good, the topic cant really be expressed that way, it wouldve confused me at least. great job


wings of an angel on Feb 03, 5:07 p.m. 
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wow, beautiful poem