Poetry By Chuck




When I gaze out my window on a stormy day.
I find the rain soothing in a gentle way.

Yes, this warrior has had his day.
But, with little in the way of praise.

No flags drape my window sill.
No garlands adorn the mantle piece.

The fire burns quiet and dim;
And warms the room of a gentleman.

My dog lies at my feet.
Composing another chasing dream.

My wife has departed for another life.
My daughter enjoying one without strife.

I'm alone with thoughts of what might have been.
Alone daydreaming of my departed old friends.

The clock ticks away its windings.
Then tolls the bell of another hour.

I gave up smoking, wish I had not.
Nor in drink can I mire and rot.

So, with tea and a cookie I won't eat.
I watch the rain, perchance to sleep.

Author's Comments

His pipe never suffers a light.
His days pass a tick at a time.
He remembers and ages in that dark room.
Counting occasionally the rain drops.
Pulling the blanket closer....



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