Poetry By Chuck



Have you ever heard the melodic warble of a song bird in the morning
as he whistles a tune to the splendor of a rising sun?

Have you heard the answering whisper of his soul mate as she listens
to his morning greeting and responds with the language of love?

He paints the morning bravely and faces the new day

attuned to the glory of natures wonder

and with the lightness of a feather he whistles a smile.

She visions the sunrise with her melody and responds to his overture
then colors the dawn with gladness at the nearness of his love.

He responds to her with a happy chirp and with the essence of his soul
then wonders at the beauty of her so filled with heaven above.

They make the magic moments together with rose colored eyes and voices
singing whistling tunes of togetherness.

Then as the sun rises and fills the sky anew, they wing their way
towards heaven, a place where lovers renew.

They dance and prance on wings of silvered laughter and whistle their songs aloud.  

The currents of love color the sky's splendor and provide a wondrous song.

Oh, to be such lucky creatures.   To fly such a song of togetherness
and find such love in the morning, rose colored and warmed by the sun.


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Author's Comments

I hear them now outside my window... whistling to each other and spreading their love in the morning sky...


Fool no1 on Jan 26, 12:11 
If Tomorrow Never Comes 1226 critiques, 149 poems. said:
Bravo, absolutely wonderful Chuck. Such vivid and beautiful imagery pours out of this superb write. Oh for mornings like these. Excellent as always...mal  

all star on Jan 26, 12:20 
surf or suffer 44 critiques, 17 poems. said:
Verdict: brilliant
wonderful amazing great poem well written im afraid of birds dont know why but i am..i like to hear them though 1!!!keep it up!!!!

 grannyeri on Jan 26, 12:41 
I can do it. 9036 critiques, 16 poems. said:
I hear them too, through your lovely words - so vividly visual, yet so tranquil and serene - wonderful to hear...

Pome on Jan 26, 12:50 
Seek Truth. (Maybe It will meet you halfway.). 769 critiques, 95 poems. said:
I love birds and am fascinated by them and their habits. This poem definitely does them justice in the joy they bring to the world, all day long. Nice. -Pome  

Closet Poet on Jan 26, 8:34 p.m.  
so deep that i didn't even scream 293 critiques, 56 poems. Currently online. said:
Verdict: Ver Nice
thats a really beautiful write, thanks for entering my contest too! it has love and joy of life coming from it, really nice, i like it alot. good luck, well done! from Closet Poet (great imagery..i can see it!)  

mordauk on Jan 26, 9:34 p.m. 
Enjoy life, it only comes once 112 critiques, 7 poems. said:
Beautiful. I too am a lover of birds and their music. It's something that just brings peace to the soul when you hear it. Even if you're down and depressed their songs always seem to be able to cheer you up: at least they do for me.
Great write with awesome imagery.

 Everglow on Jan 27, 9:14 
Life is like a story; you wirte your ending 149 critiques, 22 poems. said:

Beautiful. I like that it was about the birds; but there seem to be underlying emotions in this peice. Maybe for a significant other? I felt it. If not... All the better you have such passion in your writes. I love reading all of your work. And after a bad day today this one made me smile. Thank you