Poetry By Chuck



When life is right and love first appears
we may find its not for us.   But, then
sometimes in our lives there appears
a true love just for us.  If you've found
that love, that special person, cherish
them above all others and gather your
hearts and souls together to enjoy the thrill
of such splendor.  

Its rare indeed, this bond
of love.  A gem that lies buried in all of us.
Some will never find such pleasure, some will
be lonely forever.  Once love enters your special
place, and you accept its heavenly grace,
then is the time to spiritually place
the reflective waters of its ethereal lake
deep in your soul's protective place.

Dip your hand into its stillness
and stir the water round
its then you will mix your souls
together and stand on firm ground.

Soon with eternal vows you'll say grace
and know the clinging bonds love makes
between two souls now soul mates.