Poetry By Chuck




The only life I want is you.
Holding you in my arms
sampling your charms
willingly, eagerly.

The only life I need,
is to share with you the seed,
of love and pleasure,
in a passionate treasure.

The only life we have
is a caring one, not sad,
of our quality time,
our time together.


As pelicans in formation fly,
and the fluffy white clouds go by,
I dream in the endless night,
wishing for my lovers sight.

Legs extended and in my arms,
she displays her many many charms.

My breath abates, and my heart does race.
Can't wait until I kiss her and sample her taste.

Upon the edge I sit her down
and her smile is erased by a frown.

"No!" "No! Say's she with a face.
But, says I, "Its just for a little taste!"

I don't understand why you hesitate!
"No public displays or I'll use my mace!"

But, but, I'll hide it from disgrace!?!?!
"No!" "No!" She says in distaste.

Alas, the time it has come to waste,
for fear of displeasure or disgrace.


Its so nice to be free of binding love.
To be unwounded and unbound.
To ride the skies of freedom,
and to hear the sounds of release,
And to untie the knots that she tied,
Thus to drop the ropes aside.

Her attempts to hold me in her clasp.
Failed to bind me and keep me trapped.
Her "rules", her "restrictions",
were convulsing constrictions.
Now their just limp twine,
no longer mine.

I'm glad I never told her the truth.
She was more interested in my money,
Which I have more then youth.
Looking for someone to "support" her,
Someone she could order around.

She guessed wrong