Poetry By Chuck



There is a little known group of men

For whom life is often shorter then

It is for all others in the end

Tis the group known as ParaRescuemen

They are expert Medics, and Aircrewmen

They are expert shots, and always a friend

Their motto is: "That Others May Live"

They are the ParaRescuemen

AUTHOR NOTES:  I have often wondered why the most highly trained one on one fighters in the world are so ignored by the very society that created them.   To meet one is to meet a true friend.  They have the qualities that too many in our society lack.  Honesty, Integrity, Patriotism, Self Sacrifice.   Were I to encourage you to write it would be to honor those who often give their lives to save others.   If your pleasure boat is sinking in high practically frozen seas, its the PJ whom will jump into the water from the Helicopter and swim to your aid.  If your isolated home is burning on some remote hillside, its the PJ who will "jump" to your aid.  And when you are safe, and only then, its the PJ who saved your life.  From the Arctic to the Antarctic, its the PJ who searches the skies for lost planes.  Each of them places their lives in danger without hesitation.   When a pilot is shot down behind enemy lines, its the PJ who is inserted there.   He travels by foot to the injured and if necessary carries him for miles to a pickup location.  He has lived and died for decades on the job, yet no movies nor books do him justice.   His training is astounding in its adversity, and prepares him to meet your crisis.  

I dedicate this poem to two of the best in ParaRescue:

Chief Master Sgt Tom Connell and Chief Master Sgt Dave Root

So, when you write, if not about them;
Write about someone who is more then just a friend.  
Write about those who have given and give so much.  
To the society that ignores them, yet owes them so much.



(Stands for Para-Jumper)

 All rights reserved, © Chuck Johnson. Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden.





Princess Muse on May 31, 2004, 8:08  
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This was certainly heart warming on this special Memorial Day. You are so right in all that you say, knowing several Para Rescue Men and Special Ops troop members myself, these selfless people do so much for so many and yet are virtually unknowns. They seek no praise, no thanks...they do what they do for the love of their fellow human beings. Should you the author be among this elite group, I bow to you and thank you from the depths of my heart for all you and your fellow men have done for so many. Vici  



 Queen on Jun 01, 2004  
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There are so many unsung heroes, men and women that would lay down their life to save a stranger. That takes a special person. They do their jobs and hardly ever get a thank you. So i am saying Thank you now. Your poem was excellent.  Queen  


 wishintreeUK on Jun 01, 2004, 10:25  
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Chuck this is a wonderful dedication to these men who go the aid of others without a seconed thought of the risk to themselves, although of course they do work in the bounds of safety to both themselves and those whom they rescue, they are still in danger and yet never say no when called upon to do their duty.... Thank you to these ones from the bottom of my heart. ~Katie~  


 cherche -d -ame on Jun 02, 2004, 4:27  
you are the owner of your every dream 11087 critiques, 459 poems.

Great appreciation piece and I hope it brought the attention it needed to alot of people . All I want to add is a personal thanks to anyone who is involved in saving lives , while willing to sacrifice theirs ....thank you,


 genielassie on Jun 03, 2004, 9:19 p.m. 
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now, I have seen so much about these men and women  . It is an amazing and rather dangerous profession. I do not know how long these people have jumped to save peoplethough I can safely assume that it is in a resonably recent era of time since the airplane is a needed piece of equipment.

I can also say that a very serious drama could be achieved with this as a center base as well, considering the serious challanges and danger factors the families of these people must need to be either anxious allthe time or have a great resilience to stress!

A wonderful idea and I hope that I can elaborate moreon this as well. Thank you for entering, good luck and best of wishes as well... ~genielassie~  


 Chuck Johnson on Jun 29, 2004, 10:15 p.m. 
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The John F. Leavitt, the first American commercial sailing vessel built in 40 years, was on its maiden voyage to Haiti with a cargo of lumber when it encountered heavy seas some 280 miles off the coast of Long Island. Battered by 20-foot waves, the cargo broke loose and damaged the hull of the ship. The crew managed to keep the ship afloat for 24 hours until the morning of Dec. 27, 1979, when the captain radioed for assistance. Two HH-3E Jolly Green Giant helicopters and an HC-130 Hercules from the 106th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group, New York Air National Guard, were dispatched for this mission. Preceded by the HC-130, the helicopters arrived to find that the ship's 80-foot masts precluded hoisting the crew from the deck. Two pararescuemen, Tech. Sgts. Jay Junks and Paul Bellissimo, jumped from the helicopters into the water and boarded the ship to direct the rescue operation. In the last few minutes of daylight, the nine crewmen and the two Guardsmen boarded life rafts and were then hoisted aboard the waiting helicopters. The Air National Guardsmen of the 106th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Group added yet another chapter to the annals of peacetime heroism by performing a service to their fellow citizens.  


 Touchof1der on Jul 06, 2004, 10:41 
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I have a read a few pieces of yours now that speak in honor and praise of those who are so selfless. It's one of the many things I admire in you my friend. I don't think you realize how selfless you are yourself though. You are a very unique individual. It takes someone very kind, very loving and very appreciative to remember those that most aren't even aware exist. The so called "little men and women" who really aren't so little at all because they understand the true nature of love. They put everyone else above themselves...just as you do. You are a most wonderful human being Chuck. This is very beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.   


 Touchof1der on Jul 06, 2004, 3:49 p.m.  
Seduce my mind and you can have my body 16136 critiques, 257 poems.

There were two pieces I was instructed that I simply MUST read. I'm sure you know the first, and now, the second. I agree with Wonder. We need more people like you. It sure would make life a more pleasant experience. I admire your talent as well as your attention to the most overlooked things around us. Hats off to you buddy!  


Tudor Rose on Aug 31, 2005, 1:16 p.m. 
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Lovely tribute by you to some very brave and thoughtful men, hopefully this will make others aware and thankful to the rescuers of various services behind the scenes, In England we have a simular air and boat services rescue team also that go all over the world that Im sure not alot of people are aware of, you did a great job with this piece, thankyou for sharing.