Poetry By Chuck



I wish to visit the Polar Ice
and dance with the great white Bears,
under a sky black as night but colored
with the Aurora's heavenly flares.

I wish to walk the desert sands of time,
and hold in my hand crumbled monolith stone.
I wish to touch the scrapes of a man who
existed long before I was born.

I wish to sit on the top of the pyramid,
in the sun, protected by my raised hand
as I watch the tiny men and women,
and let my eyes feast on the desert sand.

I wish to walk the jungle path,
along the ridge line above the ocean foam
where Hawaiian drums dance a tune
and grass skirted natives roam.

I wish to bath in a waterfalls splash,
and dry in the tropical sun
and I wish to tan ..a tan that lasts
a lifetime of memorable fun.

I wish to walk the fields of clover,
that surround a castle walls
and to climb the rock staircases
to imagine the battle calls.

I wish to hear the Tower of London
ring out its hourly chimes
and to taste the kippers of a family
that opened their doors, soo kind.

I wish to ride a horse across the Sierra Nevada
and Rocky Mountains of John Wayne Fame,
there to fire a 30-30 and bring dinner
to an open flame.

I wish to search Area 51 and find evidence of the alien
and end for all time the endless arguments about them.
I wish to talk to an angel to ask those enduring questions.
Who am I, who are you, Why am I and may I see God?

I wish to explore the endless universe,to stand on planets far from our sun.
Exploring them all would be such fun.
I wish to end all wars, all anger and all disease for everyone.
I wish to win against evil and to bury it for all time.

But, I would settle for bringing a smile to your lips,
and understanding to your eyes. 

 All rights reserved, © Chuck Johnson. Copying without permission is forbidden.


Author's Questions/Comments
If only we could do the things all of us want to do.


 Fool no1 on Sep 27, 2005, 11:25 p.m. 
If Tomorrow Never Comes 1359 critiques, 157 poems.

Wonderful Chuck, What more to say! So many wishes , so little time. excellent...Mal  

XKezXhugglezX on Sep 28, 2005, 3:29 
don't trust ur heart 149 critiques, 65 poems.
Verdict: amazing

this was such an unusual write,im lost for words[very unusual for moi]..it's true most people want to visit different parts of the world and experience their culture. i thought the last line was striking because, it shows how much someone cares for another person, that they would put all their wants to the side to see that person happy. thank you for this write.lv kez x  

PrabhuDayal Khattar on Sep 28, 2005, 9:12  
love for all 3153 critiques, 21 poems. Currently online.

It is a greate write where a heart is becoming the part of this great universe in relation to the complete freedom for the soul where there is no obstruction where one can wish to any extent and go to any extent without any problem like a universal poem. The thoughts are really universal to its impact and towards its greatness too. The travell of different wishes are the example of the versitile and a great emotional character of the poet which is the son of this great nature and great nature is listening the universal voice of her son. The flow of the write is very impressive and just to the point. I really appreciat this work.prabhudayal khattar  

 mistic moonlite on Sep 28, 2005, 1:31 p.m. 
Be some ones sunshine on a rainy day 4585 critiques, 525 poems. Currently online.
Verdict: awesome

All I can say is AWESOME visions from this to the mountains ,universe to your dreams that may come true.great poem ..  

suzeecue on Sep 29, 2005, 12:41 
746 critiques, 22 poems.

I loved this, so many dreams we all have, and you have penned your beautifuly   

I can do it. 12229 critiques, 44 poems.

So many things we might also wish to do and to join you in wishing we could do. Lovely background and photo to go with this awesome write.  

402 critiques, 28 poems.

a very nice piece, lots of vivid imagery, and nice flow....a bit choppy in places, but not too distracting. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and can certainly relate to your wishes...If only we could...

Live life to the fullest and have an AWESOME time! 254 critiques, 44 poems. Currently online.
Verdict: Beautiful!

Wow! This is such an amazing write. The things in life that we all wish we could see, feel, touch, and be a part of. If only there were a way to be in those places. You have a wonderful imagination and creative talent to put this together. A truly awesome write! May all of your dreams come true! Thanks for sharing this!


I practice feeling what I can express 94 critiques, 50 poems. Currently online.

Wow...this is very inspirational...Maybe someday someone will be able to brag about doing all of these wonderful things.

Great write!!  

407 critiques, 15 poems.
Verdict: well done

The flow of the write is very impressive and just to the point. I really appreciat this work.A truly awesome write! May all of your dreams come true! Thanks for sharing this!
God Bless

onyxsoul 3 hours ago 
Blood, unlike pencil... can never be erased. 590 critiques, 45 poems. Currently online.
You might need a few genies--- or a million dollars.  A little long winded, but I got through it.   

Jeannette 3 hours ago 
We share the laughter and the pain..... 66 critiques, 9 poems.
Verdict: very impressive to me
The smile I had when reading all your wishes....today I myself have put a poem on with wishes...only on the stars...
I really like them a lot..these wishes...
But the last line made the most impact on me....a wonderful ending.
Untill the next read,

8 critiques, 29 poems.
Verdict: AWESOME!
A wish can come true and you did place a very big smile on me when I read this artwork with words.

"Chillax." 1266 critiques, 32 poems. Currently online.
Thant's cool. I really enjoyed this poem. I don't think I would change one thing about it. Thanks for writing.