Poetry By Chuck




In life we never know,
Where we will end or go.
We must take the time,
For families, relations, and friends.

Most of all we must set aside,
Those special moments,
Rose colored, like fine wine,
Moments of quality time.

When the soft music enters our ears,
Mixed with our lover's gasps for air.
Smoky wisps of scent from the fire,
Combined with Love's heated musk.

Little lights dancing,
Like sparkles in our eyes.
They join us in our pleasure
Adding to our surprise.

That time of endless feeling,
Those moments of passionate embrace.
When we gush with Love's splendor,
From our special place.

Your hair cascades over me.
My essence enters anew,
And I make those movements
That bring such pleasure to you.

Moments to steal, moments in time.
Moments to feel, moments sublime.
Moments of leisure, moments so fine.
Moments of pleasure, moments of mine.

Then as we complete with satisfaction,
We kiss with a lovers appreciation.

I hold you, my Dear,
Closely and lovingly in strong arms.

Then wipe away your tears...of love.