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Each time we put on our uniforms and place the devices so well.
As the belt tightens around our waist and the starch stretches.

We pridefully find ourselves right where we want to be.
In the service of our country.

Strap on the sabre and tighten the web.
Bravery is our gift from God.

When we raised our hand and took the oath.
We knew what we were doing.

With clear sight of our duty and the price it sometimes demands.
We both stepped forward into the fray.

My time was today.  
Your time may be tomorrow.

But each of us will enter the gunman's sight.
Without hesitation nor with sorrow.

For we are doing our duty, my friend.
There is no reason for tears.

I would expect you to do the same... as I did.

So, take up arms and protect yourself.
Go daily about your chores.

Guard your back, "Check 6", my friend.
You're keeping terrorists away from American shores.

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Author's Comments
I'm retired USAF and US Army.   Our brothers lives are not wasted nor are they needless. Be proud and keep the faith.

(Note: This poem was written for a Brother Still In Arms, whom is serving in Iraq.  He is a ambulance driver and recently he took a day off and a friend choose to drive in his place.  A roadside bomb took the life of his friend that day.   Confused by the loss, angered by it, and heartbroken for his friend, the Poets of All Poetry decided to hold a contest to help him deal with it all.  I'm proud to have won that contest and to have this fine man read my words.)


 Chuck Johnson on Jan 14, 2004, 1:35 
Just fade away. 567 critiques, 151 poems. Currently online.

Thank you Sherra! Its a honor to have won this contest and to know that this man will see my words. I didn't see anyone who actually read this the way I meant it to be. Its written in the third person... as if his buddy is talking to him. Cheering him up and telling him to "Buck up" and face the new day. Thanks again, Sherra!! Chuck  

Gleto Orica on Jan 14, 2004, 8:44 
LuvLikUNverBenHurtDanzLikNo1sWatchin! 1291 critiques, 362 poems.
Verdict: Prayers!

God Bless you!!!
*Bugs & Fishes*
~Gleto Orica/C. L. Brandon K.~  

 genielassie on Jan 23, 2004, 9:55 
What is the weight of a solitary word? 5350 critiques, 110 poems.

The United States MIlitary is aproud place to be, my family has until this generation been part of the US Navy and the US Airforce...My belief, or lack of it in this war we are engrossed in currently doesn'treflecton the soldiers, because; as you have stated in your poem, they are doing their duty...and they have succeeded in freeing Iraq, as well as Afganistan, and from their eyes, I can see the long road that lays ahead...
Another wonderful write ...best of wishes and keep writing...~genielassie~  

 Chuck Johnson on Jan 23, 2004, 6:59 p.m. 
Just fade away. 567 critiques, 151 poems. Currently online.

Thanks...too generous!

Click Here on Jan 24, 2004, 5:18 p.m. 
You Never Heard Such Talk!!! 654 critiques, 141 poems.

I am on my way to reading your Gettysburg poem but stopped to read your Gold one. My experience with the military was limited to one year in the Civil Air Patrol. During the time I earned two strips. And reading Crane's book about that red badge just about completes what I know.

I must press on to Gettysburg...  

macandrew on Jan 27, 2004, 9:58 p.m.  
Death: Yesterdays poem needed to be better. 9022 critiques, 819 poems.
Verdict: good

Did 8 years with the Canadian military. It is good to see writing of this nature with a common background.

Well done.


SASSAFRASgurl on Jan 27, 2004, 10:20 p.m.  
"Time heals all wounds... sometimes." 311 critiques, 66 poems.

this actually brought tears to my eyes! my older brother fought in Iraq, and was only about an inch away from a bullet in the head one day. i met many of the men who fought with them as well, and i have a newfound love for all men and women who go to fight a war for those who will never even know they lived.
excellent write.

blkwidowsd on Jan 28, 2004, 1:29  
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Verdict: AWESOME!!!!!!!!

 tears are rolling down my face.... I live in Australia, a few of my friends are over there... I also have friends from the U.S. that are also there.... One of which recently died in in a suicide bombing incident...
I have so much respect for those who have & who are fighting for their countries, & others freedom...
A Great piece
Best wishes

 Samplette on Jan 28, 2004, 9:00  
My poetry is the pathway to my soul 13800 critiques, 686 poems.

My husband is retired Airforce too...AMMO Troop...
My daddy retired AF, bro in law too.....
3 bro in laws were marines, 1 army....one newphew is navy in Japan now and one AF, in CA.
This was a wonderful write, and thank you for being there for us.

iloveyoulord on Sep 15, 2005, 2:41 p.m. 
A women of God searching for more believers 109 critiques, 19 poems.

Wonderful piece... Liking the fact that you didn't put any words to make this a petty poem. Great words letting people know that what u do is what u stand for. No matter what happens you choose to and its ok.   

 mistic moonlite on Dec 20, 2005, 6:31 p.m.  
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I am so impressed with your work already, then to read this my
heart is doing flip flops so to speak.. awesome information of what you all do for us.. thank you so very much and God Bless..Linda