Poetry By Chuck



With skin of rose porcelain
and essence of perfect perfume
and a face inspired by love,
she makes my afternoon.

A glimpse of her is all I need
to find myself again.
Just a glimpse is all I need
for she is my special friend.

She gracefully enters the room
and when she poses at the door
with a flare and a passion
she makes heartbeats soar.

She lights up the room
and brings a kind of zest
and the men feel lucky
and they all will attest.

She is a special lady
a one of a kind,
who brings out the best
in all of mankind.

All rights reserved, © Chuck Johnson. Copying without permission is forbidden. 

Author Notes:

Written on May 5 2006

Comments By Poets:

 mistic moonlite on Feb 07, 3:32 p.m. 
Be some ones sunshine on a rainy day 4389 critiques, 506 poems.

Ahh Chuck this is beautiful, she is one lucky lady to have you.. great poem for your loved one..keep penning

 Vickie J on Feb 12, 2:00 
The best dreams happen with your eyes open. 8205 critiques, 43 poems.

What a nice complimentary poem you have penned for your special friend. I bet you made her day after she read this vj  

 San-d on Feb 15, 11:40 
Walk where there is no path and lave a trail. 1498 critiques, 94 poems.

A very beautiful tribute to that specail friend. Your rhyme and meter in this was really nice and makes for a pleasant read...
Nice pen!!!
Smiles  your way >>>>>> Sandy  San-d  

 Vilanger on Feb 16, 10:07  
"DON 5046 critiques, 701 poems.

She is a special lady
a one of a kind,
who brings out the best
in all of mankind.


how do you manage to come up with all this great stuff? you always do sucha great job.

that last stanza is so perfectly what a woman should be. i think of my grandmother--she was a lady in every sense of the word and that reminded me of her.

thank you for sharing this with me today. viyanna