Poetry By Chuck



Dawn of morning light emerges
Like a restless unbound soul,
Illuminating the barren walls
Where darkness took it's toll.

Caressing my face with warmth
Lingering like a summer day,
Slowly my senses awaken
Bright sunbeams guide the way.

 Oh, My love come to me.
 Bring your heart and soul.
 Oh, My love come to me.
 Being apart takes its toll.

My first thought is as always
Your memory haunts my heart,
Another day passes without you
Languishing that we are apart.

My day starts much the same
Treading the moments of life,
Longing to hear your inner voice
And end this feeling of strife.

 Oh, My love come to me.
 Bring your heart and soul.
 Oh, My love come to me.
 Being apart takes its toll.

Eagerly rushing through the day
All tasks that must be done,
My heart cries out to be with you
To watch the setting sun.

If I could span the many miles
That separate our love,
I'd soar across the vast blue sky
And land peaceful as a dove.

My heart always yearns the day
We no longer need be alone,
Until that time my ache will grow
For my love is cast in stone.

 Oh, My love come to me.
 Bring your heart and soul.
 Oh, My love come to me.
 Being apart takes its toll.

 All rights reserved, © Chuck Johnson. Copying without permission is forbidden.

Author Notes:

Apr 26 2006



 Fool no1 4 days ago 
If Tomorrow Never Comes 1364 critiques, 157 poems.

A love song that speaks volumes. The warmth and depth of feeling tinged with longing comes together to make this an excellent piece. Good luck in the contest...mal  


 kvwriter 3 days ago 
Just Believe and it will happen! 4513 critiques, 108 poems.
Verdict: all encompassing

Such an aching, longing, yet beautiful love song! And, I love the line, "Treading the moments of life," as it really helped set the mood and tone of emotional despair brought about by being in love with such profound depth, yet unable to couple on any level, except via that "inner voice." Love is such a powerful state of being, all encompassing, and this treasure can yield the highest of elation and, sadly, the lowest of all agony and despair. You captured that essence only found in loving hearts, beating eternally for each other. Well done! I wish you the best in the contest! Now, put some music to these lyrics and let this poignant write truly breathe and live. Love, light and peace to you, always!--Kel    


 Chuck Johnson right now 
Just fade away. 574 critiques, 152 poems. Currently online.

I am Truly Honored to have won this contest sponsored and judged by a poet of such quality. Thank you. I promise to continue to try to write at a level to be proud of. Thank you so much for your judgement.